Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hand Made BJD from Living doll Sculpey

Hello everyone,
last time I post about Yue Lapin and tell you how she made from Living doll Sculpey, but I haven't tell you about the process, so I write it down today.

I made Yue on Feb 2013 at the lunar new years, so when Chinese descendant celebrate new year, I just sit in my room and sculpting lol.

first of all, what is Living doll?
there are many type  of sculpey, sculpey is a clay material made from  polymer clay, you need to bake it to make it hard and the result will make the material look like plastic toys.
living doll are a type of sculpey that  its more elastic than regular sculpey, the regular one are hard to shape.
so to me its prefect for doll making.
you can soften it with baby oil, and you can boil small part if it to troublesome to use oven. (only small part tho )

here is the progress of the birth of Yue.

just like kidnapped alien specimen, lol I made her parts first, there a straw inside her arms and legs for a pipe hole, and aluminium foil inside here body to, because you need to make a hollow body for ball jointed doll.

she is baked and I need to sand her surface, in here she can stand very balance, while actually I just stack her body, inside there is no string or glue to make all her body parts stick together, thats mean she ready to be string.

this is some S-hook I made from paper clippers, the use are for holding the string to her arms, legs and head part.

after string she could pose very well, and Im quite happy with the result and so its comes to her finished part.


I coat her with Acrylic epoxy spray paint, and then coat her again with water color,
I paint her face, I blush her cheek, belly, knees and elbow, seal it with Clear spray
I put her an acrilyc eyes and synthetic wig.
and she is all done. :D

My first hand made doll is here ^^

I will post other photo about her later, but meanwhile thats all folks.
I hope this post make you intersted in doll making to. Its not easy of course, buts its doable .

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Anonymous said...

Sis,teknik sculpting itu harus pakai alat ya?
Bisa nggak alat buat bikin bjdnya di ganti sama alat yang lebih murah?
Thank you