Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nalika BJD Back story.

Nalika are17 years old tomboy girl who love playing basketball and a gamer girl, especially fighting game like street fighter or SNK versus Capcom.
she hate to study and hate maths the most, she always come late to school and always runaway to cafetaria when the teacher absent in the class.
regarding to food, she loved spicy meal and also Sundanese cuisine, especially nasi goreng made by her mum. she is not picky, but if she can choose she is mostly a carnivore
in clothing she wear sporty style and casual style, never bother to done her hair and sometimes forget to brush it.
she is kind of girl who are free spirit and rebellious, easygoing but sometime egoist, its hard to tame her and capture her heart, but when you do, she will be loyal and turn to be the sweetest girl for you.

Nalika are my first BJD and My Grail doll, her sculpt are from Oasis doll Linglan.
her inspiration are from my own comic charchter with the same name, Nalika

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