Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Block?

nope.. I think its not an art block..
I definitely could draw like usual..

maybe its because Im bored to death?? Im to freaking lazy?? god help meeeeh I need some motivation.. >A<
well you see, right now, I have to working on two freelance job, one is from Singapore, about some illustration card.. and another is for a color book illustration for a local publisher in Indonesia..

the job is actually are very much simple and easy its made me bored to death.. creepy how boring stuff could stop me from drawing..
yes, I supposed to finish this weeks ago.. and if Im not bored like this, I actually could finish the job, in only one or three days..but whyyyyy why oh why.. I cant finish this job quick?
why I keep delaying this work, and not finish it as soon as possible?
why my laziness have to control my mood like this..
if I keep on lazy, if I keep finding excuse, I wont be able became a success in the future right?

but why its so hard.. doing sumthing that I dont like.. its feel like my heart been stabbed every time i draw the line.. *hyperbolic..
but yeah.. it is hurt doing sumthing I dont like.. even if it also a drawing work..
Im such a spoiled brat..
I know I shouldn't take this job, if i dont like it..
well at first I think I could surpass and control my laziness..
I think my wrong.. .
but that dont meant I will give up..
I wont give up.. I just have to get on and do it!!
Im embarrass to the editor who willing to wait me finish so patiently..
aaah I have to stop being so irresponsible like this..

just tell me what Im supposed to do, to erase my lazy behavior?
should I take some hypnotist therapy? :D


kemotaku said...

Wehehehe...same as me :D
That's why I can't give you any suggestions... (~_~)">

celeste84 said...

*pets* s'ok arch! just hang in there and do your best!! just think, the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can do something more fun :3

Archie-The-RedCat said...

to all: I will try my best that *A*

*slap, slap, slap*

macangadungan said...

elo harus semangat!
di luar sana, banyak illustrator yg berusaha mati2an nyari kerjaan ngegambar tp ga dapet-dapet kesempatannya.

apapun yg lo kerjain, segampang dan sesimpel apapun, harus dikerjain sepenuh hati :)