Monday, June 1, 2009

oh well..

my condition is not to good lately. got so many problem .. especially at my house.. kinda feel I keep being a burden everyday..keep doing stupid mistake that made my family mad..
and Im suck at drawing to ...

so all I need is only some one to support me, and cheer me up..
all I need is that.. and maybe Im gonna be feeling much better..

but that person never call me.. so Im the one who always nagging and call so many times..maybe Im a little bit annoying to that person because I keep calling every few hours.. I want to talk more .. but every time I call.. the person look so busy.. and wanted to end the conversation immediately..

I thought that maybe just me who are so negative thinking
so I try to pull my guts to say..

'call me okay?'

but the phone never ring..

and I hate waiting..
so I slammed the phone..
and I think its broken..
just like my heart..

the last thing I want is for someone I love, scolded at me..
I check out my Yahoo messenger..
and I think my hope are to high ^^;

I feel it somehow ridiculous..
I realize that I suck at relationship to..
maybe I just have to give up..

my head is still feel like spinning.. high blood pressure??



Anonymous said...

Archie kamu kayaknyah lagi setres ya? dari kemaren isi blognya keluhan melulu..
ayo yang kuat!nggak kayak Archie yang biasanyah nih...
kalo soal hubungan buruk dengan pacar.. wajarkan tiap orang juga ngalamin..

tapi kamu jangan nyerah sama pacaran cuma gara2 kurang diperhatiin..^^;, mending obrolin masalahnyah baik2..

macangadungan said...

maaf ya, aku kemaren emang lagi sibuk..

archie.. never let anyone knocked you down!! you hear me???