Monday, June 22, 2009

at least I have you..

Im really2 glad that I could draw.. when Im feeling down or lonely.. I always run to the saves place I could be.. drawing..
it cheer up my mood, and its help me forget the bad things I feel..
some how, drawing drawn me to the place where nobody can enter.. Im in my own world.. and having fun of course..
but after the drawing is done. Im back to the real world.. and have to deal with the problem than getting harder day by day..

its weird how people usually want to forget their problem and runaway. that's happen to me to.. but I learn that problem will still there no matter how far I run..

but at least.. drawing made my feeling get stronger to face the problem..
and Im very much thankful for what God bless me.. and giving me this ability..

rite now..
I just dont want to take my sorrow to my sleep..

good night everyone..
*continue drawing


frozenmenye2 said...

problem is something we have to deal in life, not to be forgot and run away from. the toughest the problem you have to deal with, the richest your heart would be. anyway, i love your drawing....

celeste84 said...

why arch, why are your linearts always so clean!! >_<

are you feeling any better? *huggles* i hope so! I also hope you got enough sleep, remember, you're sick and need rest too!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

miss Frozy: wow nice sentence.. thank you very much for the wise word.. :D I will remember it.. :D

Celeste : becouse I use the rough sketches before? if you look it clear.. there is a thin and rough sketch behind..the green one, see... that is a colour pencil, than I redraw it with a carbon pencil.. so the pencil lineart that are more bold, look clean.. :D ehehehe (but its not actually.. =_=; )

celeste84 said...

D: but even my roughs aren't as neat as that coloured pencil sketch! T_T some days you make me cry arch, gackt-damnit!