Tuesday, June 23, 2009


do you know the word that written on my ID t'shirt, spreading everywhere in my comic pages and my art work..?

people who notice about little stuff, always came to me and ask..
what is ICER'S??

its actually an weird anagram from my real name initial..>_>;
and Im using it since im in junior highs.. that are pretty a long time.. :D
and somehow.. I have a dream to have a publishing company or whatsoever in the name ICER'S..

^^; hahha

than I realize earlier that there are other people using Icers .. its a name to call forum user from Indo Cina community.. its I.C and became --> icers..
woah! what a coincidence.. X_X...
so that make me tempted to goggle search about ICER'S

and look what I found guys..
Icer's Inc. - Anti-skid Detachable Safety Soles
- [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]
Icer's Inc. - ICER'S feature a unique design that insulates feet from the ground keeping them warmer and dryer, yet provide extraordinary grip.

Welcome To Icers WebSite
- [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]
Non-profit organization for engineers, scientists, researchers, manufacturers, educators, students, and marketing and sales professionals in the Iranian ...

Imperial County Employees' Retirement System
- [ Terjemahkan laman ini ]
ICERS, the Imperial County Employees' Retirement System, is responsible for the prudent management of investments and benefits for its members and is ...

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! dammit!.. this kinda make me upset! hahhahaha

well because now my dream for having company with ICER'S name are gone.. other people already do that *sob*

well anywey..
have you ever playing with goggle search and using stupid keyword??

I do that lotsa time.. (gee.. its seems I have lotsa free time.. @_@; )
well its fun, and made me realize, how amazing this search engine is..pheew 3_3;
we living in such a big world isn't it?

oh yeah. go ahead and try it, you might find sumthing interesting to.. :)


celeste84 said...

oh oh oh!!! have you played the google game?? you write "[name] needs to" and then post the first ten results (first sentence only)!! it's so much fun :3

quick example!

"Archie needs to"
Archie needs to exist in a time warp without ever making up his mind

XD have fun!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

hahhahah that must be fu! becouse its not make any sense.. XD

macangadungan said...

i once goggling with my name as the keyword, and i found out...
u know what...

yang keluar emang artikel dengan nama gue, tapi namanya aja yg sama. dan si orang ini adalah tersangka sebuah kasus korupsi di Indonesia

the only woman who has the same name as me is a corrupter XDD

Archie-The-RedCat said...

celeste : *fun.. sorry typos.. =_='

Macangadungan : wah parah.. seorang koruptor.. wakakkakakaka

habis namnayah emang nyerempet2 siy..
udah macan.. gadungan pula.. untung koruptor masih rada elit.. bukan rampok..

celeste84 said...

ROFL! arch, i thought you were getting all ghetto on me for a moment there, and then i saw "typo" >w< and yes, yes it is fun!

casual cutie said...

waw waw...gambarnya keren-keren....yg desain manualnya keren abis........