Saturday, May 30, 2009


since I know that I have heavy diseases that coused by to much rage and berserk, I try to control my temper..

so far so good, the lest time I went ballistic is a long..long time ago.. but just a few minute ago, I let my emotions blew up, and I have a fight with my sister just because sumthing stupid..

well anywey, because that fight.. she bluntly tell me that Im have problem with my selfishness.. and Im just some low egomaniac who acting very much prick
and even my dad.. and my mum.. hated me..

damn.. that kinda um.. hurt my feeling..
;_; she said.. I always act like the person who own the house, and who in charge of everything.. and everybody hated that.. Im dont have the right to do that and stuff..

arghhh god damitt!! thats why I wanted to have my own house.. Im to freaking different with my familly, my attitude and stuff always againts them.. :(
what I do never satisfied them,.. and I always be the black sheep of the family..

Im different. and I gotta get out from this place no matter what..
next year, I will try to leave on my own.. that's a promise! I will get out \from this freaking house start 2010!!

a man have to keep his word! even if its cost live!
and I hope I could have the same spirit to!!

ugh my head is spinning..

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Anonymous said...

jangan kebawa nafsu ,chie...
mereka ga benci kamu..

hanya saja mungkin cara mereka agak menyakitkanmu. kalo mereka benci, pasti sudah mengusirmu dari dulu..

balikin lagi ke diri sendiri, mungkin harus ada yang diperbaiki dari dirimu, enta apa itu dan yang
bisa merasakannya itu adalah keluarga RC sendiri.