Monday, May 25, 2009

Im so dead

so here is my current project for may 2009

-I have to finish 3 commission at once.its 5 pages of comics, 6 full body painting, and 6 bust up body painting *faint*
- a game card freelance job, from some client in Singapore, the progress are slooow because my job desk is only colored, but the person who sketch and inked the pic have a back and fort revision.. ^_^; poor guy..
-A color book illustration for Erlangga publishing company, the sketch have to be finish this week
-Doujinshi Anthology for a group of friends, the deadline is 8th june.. I hope I could do the inking process fast!
-a storyboard for my upcoming comic project.. its almost done, but Im stuck in the middle..arghh *A*

all of them have to be finish on early june.. X_X.. and I only have two hand.. oh my gay...

beside that My artist are very terrible sick, and me as his manager, have to do all I can to take care of him, made him back in shape, and get ready to work again.. because he already out of the schedule..

hahhahah what a busy month! but I enjoy it in every second I experience.. what a great life I have.. and Im super happy!!
yeaaay \(^,^)/

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macangadungan said...

serunyaaa.. kerjaanmu banyak sekali. keren2 TT__TT mauuu... sibuk sebagai illustrator dan desainer XD