Friday, May 1, 2009


My baby bunny finally died, she only manage to survive 6 days in my care..
and I feel so saaaaaaad T_T;

honestly I dunno anything about bunny , so Im very surprise when I check in the internet that baby bunny supposed not to be sell if its age only less than 8 week, and my baby bunny only 4 weeks age..

she still a baby.. I dunno about it.. I buy it with hope she going to grow became a large and healthy bunny under my care..
and now I made the sweet and adorable bunny died..

but I still wanted a bunny..>___________<

even Maru-chan died, we have so much fun, I take care her with love, and her attitude are very sweet, its a short time, but she all ready close to me, she dont runaway and hold back if I pet her..

II still wanted a bunny.. Q_______Q

next time I will make sure to buy a more adult bunny..
and I will buy two not just one so the bunny wont feel lonely..

can I still have a bunny?

becouse sumtimes I feel lonely to..


bye2 maru-chan, thank you for this past 6 days, I having a fun and happy with you, and I hope its the same with you to.
and I will never ever forget you..

and your corpse will remain on my front yard

so we will be still close to each other right..?

Im sorry if somehow I dont take care you well enough.
and Im sorry I buy you in such a young age age..

this becouse I dunno..

Im so sory maruuuuuuu

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