Monday, May 4, 2009

ouch.. thats gotta be hurt

Every Monday.. I go on swimming..

I always swimming in the same place, the price are cheap, and the facility are not bad at all.. so its my fave swimming pool so far..
but yesterday, my friend take me to this sport club who have a swimming pool.. and damn! the ticket are so expensive!!

the price are 3 times higher than the usual swimming pool *A*.. its a famous sport club up in the high area of Bandung (ledeng). but price dont lie, the place are very comfortable, clean water, indoor. the water are WARM, and the most amazing is.. it so freaking quite!. there nobody else there beside me and my friend! wohoooo its like a private swimming pool.. and I have a blast of fun swimming and playing there..

so I swim until its late at night.. cant help it, the more late at night, the water getting more warm, and the bright light source made the water look super clean and fresh..
but I swimming without goggles, and after long time swimming, my eyes feel so damn hurt.. if I swim again with my eyes open, I cant bare the pain..>_>..
and I done some stupid stuff..

Im swimming with my eyes close..

so I swim.. I swim... I swim.. from the edge of the poll, swim straight to another edge, I just swim straight.. go froward.. and froward.. and WACK!.. my head hit the edge of the swiping pool hard! very2 hard until there's a bump in my head!

what the!??I taught that another edge of the swimming pool are still long way to go.., and my friend who see me swimming beside the swimming pool are laughing at me, and said I swim stupidly.. he see me live when I bump to the edge of the pool..he dont realize that I close my eyes, so its look so stupid

damn.. dont laught at me.. its not funny at all.. it hurtttt.. ;_; *sob*

and after the swimming is over, I took a bath in the shower, get dress, and comb my hair.. but when I comb,I dunno why, maybe because Im still dizzy with the pain in my head, I comb recklessly and the comb strand, hooked to my upper piercing on my ear and pull it off from my ear.. OUCH!.. but my ear not wounded (thank god) the piercing hole are still intact

the problem is..

my silver piercing are goooneeee aaaaa thoose are from pure silver... with legal certificate!!

noooooooohhh >A<

I try to look everywhere and try to find my piercing, but its gone.. >_< its gooone..;_;

huwaaa,,I decide to let it go.. but its feel very weirrrd, go home with a big bump in my fore head, and one ear pierce gone.. that day, I supposed to have fun.. but than I go home with weirdest feeling.. never in my whole live I go around with only 2 piercing instead of 3.. and its feel like Im NAKED...

so today.. I decide Im going to a silver shop and buy another earrings

I hope I have enough money.. Q_Q
*my pocket kinda empty after I go to expensive and elite sport club


macagadungan said...

nyaahahha... bisa begitu, brenang sambil tutup mata XDDD
bandel banget ni anak

Archie-The-RedCat said...

benjol sekarang ceu.. ijo gituh kenih sayah.. mayan gede.. >_< mana diketawain lagih pas kejedotnyah.. maluuu