Wednesday, May 27, 2009 but I cant hide

so... this is such a busy month for me..and when I feel stressed because its to freaking busy.. I always end up runaway.. hahha

I usually run with taking a long and hyperbolic quality of sleep(in other words, hibernation.) but somehow I dont feel like Im wanted to sleep..
so when chatting online with My friend, jojo and jejel, I just spontaneously sez..
hey, lets eat sushi.. ^_^;

not in my schedule,there no plan before. just go and do it..
sushi are very terrible expensive for my wallet, so I usually have to plan my budget before I go and eat some sushi.. ^^;
but yesterday I just said to my self.. THE HELL! I dont care its freaking expensive, I just wanted to eat!

ad there I go to Sushi tei, with Jojo, Jejel, and jojo introduce me to his Two friend (that um.. Im sorry but I forgot your name.. =_=; ).
having a crazy conversation like a typical hardcore otakus and narcissistic wannabes.. hahah and in so not the right time.. we checking on the waitress and kinda flirt with one of the pretties waitress..
oooh If I think about it now, its such an embarrassing scene.. >///<

so I eat, this tuna maki, rainbow roll, a bunch of sushi that look expensive but I dunno what the hell the name is.. and a itachoco as a desert.. :d

I am FULLLL and happy but then I get home now and have to face my work again..

and after that
one of my friend call me..
he said : 'hey lets go to sushi tei at Sunday, and I will treat for you..'

oh my.. that sound very tempting..

but I have to finish my job first before I could go have fun go mad again.. :XD


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