Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back in Action!!!

so.. for almost years I abandon my comic project.. finally I have the guts to start over, and back working on them..

I take a look again the comic script, its look not bad at all.. its from what? 6-5 years ago..? but still look good to me..I take out my comic tools, they all dusted and in bad condition, I have to clean on them, and for some, replace them with new tools..

Gee its been such a long time, since I touch those script, made own personal comic, to me are different with Comic that I made for studio, for a freelance job, for a commission..or a doujinshi
my private comic book, took my soul and drained them so much.. I get desperate and frustrate a lot over a small stuff, and in the worst case,I loose my pride and stop working on it.. and for years,, I lose my guts to touch them..

I feel like its not worthy to continued, Im to lazy, I dunno why Im making comic, I wont be rich and making a lotsa money with comic, so its basically just wasting time, and I feel like I lost the soul for continue working the comic..and Im so scared.. I dunno why..

but last night, I touch and working at the comic again.. and I realize I am so freaking stupit.. and I really2 wasting my time all this years..for not continued my comic.
with out drawing my comic, I feel there a hole in my heart, and everyday, I feel someone chasing me, burden me with the guilt for abandon sumthing I cherish the most, and after I came back.. I feel completed..

yeahh hahaha. drawing personal comic complete me.. Im feel like I back on alive again.. I feel so happy, excited, and I remember all those days when Im still so ambitious and full spirited in comic..
I miss those day.. and Im planing to repeat it again.. I want that joy and happiness comeback when Im drawing comic again..

that night, the fire in my heart, are burning once again..:)

and Its feel so damn great! >///<

btw, here is the first page for almost 4 years that I neglected.. I continue the script that been abandoned in the middle of the progress.. Im back on my track.. and I will go forward no matter what :D

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